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Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, after Russia. The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, one of the three East Slavic languages, closely related to Russian and Belorussian.

The capital of Ukraine is built on hills overlooking the Dnepr River, in the north central part of the country.

The area of Kiev is 836 sq. km. Only 350 sq. km or 42,3 % have been built up within the city limits. All the rest is the area of reservoirs and forest tracts and green plantings in general use. The area of forest tracts and green plantings constitutes 214 sq. m per one citizen; this is one of the best indicators in the world. The population in Kiev was 2, 626, 500 in 2000.

The capital of Ukraine has a great cultural potential: 32 museums, 33 theatres, 116 projecting machines, many standing art exhibitions. The most known museums are the National Museum of History of Ukraine, the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. There are 2 093 units regarded as monuments of history, culture and architecture.

There are plenty of parks and places of historical interest in Kiev. The newer part of the city, on the left bank of the river, was mostly built after World War II and is rather bland. Of more interest to the visitor is the older city on the right bank. The hills here are crowned with churches and the remains of ancient castles and fortifications.

The capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev is the largest administrative centre of the country. Located in Kiev and working there are President, the Parliament, the Government, practically all Ministries and governmental departments of Ukraine.

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